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A Little Bit of Heaven – by Michael Daly, Irish Tenor

Ireland’s astounding beauty is no secret, and the Irish hold great pride in the stunning scenery of their homeland. Michael Daly uses his soft Irish Tenor voice to convey this message in his song “A Little Bit of Heaven” on his album Ireland From Glen to Glen. As one of 17 songs on the album,…
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Macushla – by Michael Daly, Irish Tenor

The rich heritage of the Irish offers an endless supply of song topics and inspirations. Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, shares in the Irish heritage thanks to his immigrant parents. In addition to visiting his parents’ home country, Michael also expresses his love and passion for the Irish through his songs. His first album, Ireland From…
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Molly Malone – by Michael Daly, Irish Tenor

Every Irish folk song offers its own very unique and interesting history, especially “Molly Malone,” the famous song known as Dublin’s unofficial anthem. Irish Tenor singer Michael Daly lends his voice to “Molly Malone” as one of the 17 songs in his popular album Ireland From Glen to Glen.  (more…)
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