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Music has a wonderful ability to influence our daily lives. Just one song can turn your whole day around. Music also can teach us about cultures from all over the world. Irish music, in particular, has some of the most recognizable and beautiful melodies in music.

Some songs can bring feelings of energy and excitement, while others bring relaxation and serenity. Invite the rolling hills of Ireland into your mind with traditional Irish songs sung by Michael Daly on his Irish Music Album CD.


With his beautiful, high tenor voice, Michael Daly’s singing and music has brought happiness to people around the world. His Mother and Father immigrated to the United States from County Cork, Ireland. He was born in the Bronx, NY, and from an early age displayed talent in the world of music.

Michael’s Parents encouraged him to sing, and music became a wonderful outlet for him to reflect on his heritage while entertaining family, friends, and the public. A veteran of the Korean War, Michael graduated from Cornell University under the G.I. Bill. He was also a soloist in the Cornell Men’s Glee Club. He then founded and ran a successful international aluminum company for three decades. When he retired, he decided to return to his true love of music and singing.

Since then, Michael has released multiple albums, including his Irish music album cd, his baby lullabies and others including Broadway love songs, Christmas songs, Western songs, Christian hymns and Songs of Inspiration. His music and singing is a wonderful addition to any music collection.

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Ireland From Glen to Glen

by Michael Daly


by Michael Daly

Going Home

by Michael Daly

Singing God's Glory

by Michael Daly

Love Calling

by Michael Daly

Love Answers

by Michael Daly

Baby Lullaby Songs

by Michael Daly

Your Christmas

by Michael Daly

Westward Ho!

by Michael Daly