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Sing Them to Sleep: How Lullabies Work

Did you know that lullabies were found to improve oxygen saturation in preterm babies? Not only does it have positive benefits for preterm babies, but for those of all ages too.  In this article, you'll learn how lullabies work and how they get your...

Michael Daly’s Love Story

Irish Tenor Michael Daly has recorded nine albums since 2006. On his second album, Bravelove, Michael collected powerful and uplifting songs such as “Hallelujah” and “The Impossible Dream” to inspire and empower. On this album, Michael also recorded “Love Story” to...

The Impossible Dream

Irish Tenor Michael Daly has covered a wide variety of songs throughout his recording career. From the familiar ballad of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to Christmas carols such as “Silent Night”. On his second album, Bravelove, Michael lends his superb voice to the...