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Music has a wonderful ability to shape and influence our daily lives. Just one song might turn your whole day around. Music also can teach us about cultures and influences from all over the world. Irish music, in particular, has some of the most recognizable and beautiful tones and melodies in music.

Some songs can bring you energy, excitement, and ecstatic feelings while others can lull you into a relaxed state of quiet reflection. When your purchase Michael Daly Tenor’s Irish music album CD, you can invite the rolling hills of Ireland into your mind as Michael sings traditional Irish songs that have a beautiful history.


Irish Music and More

Michael Daly Tenor is an accomplished and talented singer. His mother and father were from Ireland and immigrated to the United States. Michael was born in the Bronx, NY, and from an early age displayed talent in the world of music.

His parents encouraged him to sing and write songs, and music became a wonderful outlet for Michael to reflect on his heritage and share his musical talents with friends and family. Michael ran a successful engineering company for many years, but when he retired, he decided it was time to pursue his music full-time.

Since then, Michael has composed and published many musical albums, including his Irish music album hard copy CD. This CD can be a wonderful addition to your music collection or a gift to a friend or loved one. Each track is composed with care, and the beautiful Irish melodies can transport you to the scenery of Ireland. Michael has a wide range of Irish music albums that are certain to brighten your daily life.

To learn more about Michael’s collection of music, scroll further down to see his many hard copy CDs that can be a wonderful addition to your music collection. For all other questions, contact Michael through our online form.

Ireland From Glen to Glen

by Michael Daly


by Michael Daly

Going Home

by Michael Daly

Singing God's Glory

by Michael Daly

Love Calling

by Michael Daly

Love Answers

by Michael Daly

Baby Lullaby Songs

by Michael Daly

Your Christmas

by Michael Daly

Westward Ho!

by Michael Daly