Raised by Irish immigrant parents, the culture of Ireland always held sentimental value to Irish Tenor Michael Daly. As he was raised with a love of music, it was no surprise that tunes from the British isles made their way into Michael’s albums years later. On his album, Irish Tenor Michael Daly Sings Baby Lullaby Songs, he covers the classic folk tune “All Through the Night”.

A true lullaby through and through, the song is quiet and relaxing with lyrics designed for anybody looking to ease in a restful slumber. The origin of the song is questionable. Though it is known to be of Welsh origins, John Ceiriog Hughes wrote the most famously used lyrics such as, “Soft the drowsy hours are creeping hill and dale in slumber sleeping. I, my loved ones’ watch am keeping all through the night”. The lyrics were translated into several languages including English.

Due to some religious imagery and the history of Ireland and Catholicism, the song is sometimes considered to be a Christmas carol. With lyrics such as, “Angels watching ever round thee all through the night. In thy slumbers close surround thee, no foreboding should alarm thee. They will let no peril harm thee all through the night,” it certainly fits the Christmas season. Olivia Newton-John sang the song as a duet on her album, Christmas Wish.

Irish Tenor Michael Daly’s arrangement isn’t meant to be a Christmas carol. Yet it would fit right in on a holiday playlist. Including the song on a lullaby album, Michael Daly is able to share his love of folk songs. His mesmerizing voice with parents and children alike. For more of the song stylings of Michael Daly, you can visit his website here. All nine of his albums are available for purchase.