Since the release of his first album, Ireland From Glen to Glen, in 2006, Michael Daly has been sharing authentic Irish folk music with his heartwarming Irish Tenor voice. Michael has also released many other albums, including Singing God’s Glory in 2009. The 8th track on Singing God’s Glory, entitled “Spirit of the Living God”, encompasses the spiritual hope and inspiration that Michael wants to share with his listeners.

“Spirit of the Living God” was written by Daniel Iverson, an evangelist and preacher who was born in Brunswick, Georgia in 1890. Iverson spent much of his life studying theology and serving congregations in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Iverson traveled further south into Florida in 1926 and spent a few days in Orlando visiting the George T. Stephans Evangelistic Party during their citywide revival in the tabernacle. After listening to a sermon on the Holy Spirit by a member of Stephans’ team, Iverson felt inspired to write a hymn.

Iverson immediately sat down at the piano and wrote “Spirit of the Living God” as the pianist for Stephans’ team wrote it down on manuscript paper. The team’s song leader, E. Powell Lee, was so impressed with Iverson’s hymn that he started teaching it to the members of the Evangelistic Party to sing throughout their campaign. It spread quickly throughout church communities because it could be memorized so easily.

Today, “Spirit of the Living God” is considered to be one of the most widely used choruses in the realm of Christian worship.  With only five notes and repeated lyrics, this hymn embodies a simple sincerity that allows listeners to fully appreciate its meaning: “Spirit of the living God, / Fall afresh on me. / Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me. / Spirit of the living God, / Fall afresh on me.” By singing this song in his Irish Tenor, Daly is conveying the Christian wish for the Holy Spirit to guide thoughts and actions in a more powerful way.

Experience this spiritual song for yourself as Michael Daly sings it with his distinctive Irish Tenor voice. You can find “Spirit of the Living God” on his Singing God’s Glory album at Just select individual songs or complete albums for your purchase. Then you can share God’s Spirit with others!